I started playing guitar in the 70's as a young teenager. Friends drew me into taking a group guitar class in Jr. High. A classmate used to sit in the back row of class, playing Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck tunes. I was hooked!! I quickly ditched the boring lesson book, got an electric guitar and have been in love with the guitar and music ever since. By the time I was 16 or so, I was gigging with older more experienced musicians. I played in Jazz band and Jazz Choir in High School as well. I studied music at Lane Communtiy College and for a short time at the University of Oregon. I took tons of classes on Theory, Studio Recording, Synth Programming, Physics of Sound, Ensemble Performance and studied guitar with Don Latarski. I started teaching guitar privately in a local music store in my early twenties, after the store noticed me helping someone with a guitar issue in the store. They offered me my first guitar teaching gig on the spot in 1985! That was in Eugene, OR. I moved to Seattle around 1987 or so....

In Seattle, I co-founded and managed the top high end guitar store in the Seattle area for 17 years, creating their teaching program and selected a staff of 5 guitar instructors that taught over 300 students a week. I played the top venues in the Seattle area, did studio sessions, appeared on regional CD releases and taught privately. I helped literally thousands of guitarists, from the beginner to touring professionals and top studio musicians, get their personal gear together. I have amassed a deep and passionate knowledge of the world of guitars and music. I feel I have the ability to make the deep and mysterious parts of playing music attainable to all.

I have played guitar for 40 years and taught for 30 years at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. I teach all popular musical styles. My real world experience makes all the difference in effective and enjoyable lessons. Lessons are focused on the students' musical enjoyment and desires (with clear and concise guidance). Since moving to the North Denver Metro area in 2008, I have become one of the most in demand guitar instructors in Colorado. I am effective, experienced and fun! I teach young kids all the way to professional musicians and even other music teachers!



Contact me at: 720-272-9364 Cell • lyle@lylelong.com 
Brighton Studio Location: Joyful Noise Music School 637 E. Bridge Street, Brighton, CO 80601
Thornton Studio Location: Near E. 113th Place & Holly Street, Thornton CO 80233