5 star review on Google: "Lyle is a true master who has taken me from a know-nothing teenager who just wanted to strum a few chords to the professional stage. His patient teaching style will put even the most nervous beginner at ease. His knowledge of both guitar method and music theory can lift even the most accomplished amateur to next level and beyond." - Matt H

"With lessons from Lyle, I not only learned about music theory, scales, modes, etc., but how all the "technical stuff" related to the neck of the guitar. He also taught me about guitars, amps, pickups, effects and playing techniques I could use to find that magical tone that all guitar players search for". "In other words, Lyle taught me how to truly play my guitar." "Lyle has spent his career dedicated to guitars, tone, music and helping players like me increase our musical knowledge and skills. So if you are a beginner just starting out or an intermediate/advanced player who wants to learn more and be challenged, definitely give Lyle a call." - Rich Huls

“ Lyle is an incredibly well-rounded player and teacher. His knowledge of various styles coupled with his solid background in theory give him a tremendous background. His lesson plans are very thought-out. He tailors his teaching to his students. If you want to improve any aspect of your playing, from theory to ear training to rhythm or lead playing, Lyle is the guy you want to work with. He's truly a very talented guy and a great teacher!” - John DeWald
"Lyle has tremendous knowledge in all aspects of guitar and his ability to communicate that knowledge is equally impressive. From learning how to get your guitar in tune to advanced harmonic theory, Lyle is able to explain these concepts in a way you can understand and will be able to use as your own." - Tony Stevens

"I can not help give Lyle 5 stars. As a matter of fact, I'd give him 6 stars if that was an option. Not only is Lyle overwhelmingly talented, his teaching methods are perfect for any age. He has shown astounding patience with my 10 year-old son, who at times, becomes unfocused and frustrated. Lyle knows how to take a step back from the lesson and redirect my son so that he is not feeling so overwhelmed.

Lyle encourages you to "play" your guitar, rather than "practice" your guitar to make learning the instrument a positive experience. He starts each student with actual songs, doesn't make you study complicated books, or test you on your knowledge. He simply wants to get you playing as soon as possible.

We've been with Lyle now for a year and hope to continue with him for many years to come. If you are looking for real world guitar instruction with a knowledgeable, talented, patient instructor who knows how to work with both children AND adults, Lyle is the guy. "
- Kyra A

"I have been Lyle's student for almost two years now and I can't possibly image a better instructor. My playing has improved in ways I never would have considered before I met Lyle-and it wasn't the result of repeating a bunch of boring scales. I can hear things in others and (more importantly) in my own playing that I never could before. You get to talk to a truly experienced player about everything guitar-technique, history, style, gear, theory, players-he knows it all. The lessons are entirely based on what you want out of your playing. Even if we're just playing through a song I would like to learn, Lyle turns everything into a lesson, explaining why things sound the way they do or a certain technique used by the artist-so you never walk away without learning something.

But most importantly, Lyle makes playing exciting. There are times where it's easy to put the axe down with school, work etc. but not with Lyle. After a lesson all I want to do is play guitar for days on end and challenge myself to be like the legends he talks about. I've been playing at least a show a month with my band for the last year now. I've received many compliments on my playing and I've loved every minute of it. In all honestly, I owe a lot of that to him. Thanks Lyle!" - Alex A

"I have been studying guitar under Lyle Long since 2009. Lyle is much more than a music teacher-he's a mentor who brings passion and excellence to guitar instruction. I could not have chosen a better person to learn guitar from. He is so knowledgeable about the art: from theory to all types of styles and techniques, from fretboard to strum patterns, finger-picking and lead techniques, and equipment-he knows it all. His ability to hear a song and transcribe it within minutes to notes, chords and the correct rhythm, is truly a gift. Always constructive, always encouraging and with the patience of Job, Lyle is not just a guitar teacher-he is an inspiration, whose passion for the instrument makes you want to learn and learn. I am indeed fortunate to have him in my life!" - Rick G

"Just starting with Lyle and am discovering that he is a pretty hip teacher. Knows his stuff and more importantly knows how to teach so that you understand it. I have been playing 45 years and going back to get refreshed and fine into new things. Very happy We hooked up!" Ed D

5 Star Review "He is an outstanding guitar instructor. He tailors the lessons to meet your needs and doesn't just drag you through a music book. he's an accomplished guitar player and understands the instrument from perspective of the guitar itself to the theory behind it. Whether you are just starting or have some experience like myself he will teach you want you want to (and need to) learn and make it interesting. He's awesome in Blues, Rock, Jazz & improvisation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lyle." - Scott T.

5 Star Review: "Lyle's guitar lessons show you how to see the guitar as a greater picture within music, improving your phrases and leads with a thoughtful outlook on musical theory. Whether you want to play rock, blues, metal, or jazz, this guy has great guitar chops and wants to help you get better with yours." Anthony C.

5 Star Review: "Lyle has a passion for playing the guitar, and it shows in his teaching. I have been a student of his for several months and have enjoyed learning from him. Would highly recommend him. Lyle keeps lessions fun and interesting by teach music you are interested in." Steven M.

5 Star Review: "If you really want to enjoy playing a guitar – acoustic or electric – there’s no aspect of playing or personal effort that’s going to get you to that goal of enjoyment and self-confidence faster than an exceptional teacher. After a year of lessons, I found Lyle Long to be a truly exceptional teacher and musician.

As a teenager, I was given a guitar by my grandmother, and over the next few years taught myself some basic chords, a few songs, and a lot of bad habits and techniques. I never took lessons. Looking back, I now understand why I got frustrated, lost interest, sold the guitar, and walked away from playing for 45 years.

Last year, I picked up a guitar and find out what I could do with it. At 63, I wondered if an old dog really could learn any new tricks.

From the first lesson, Lyle brushed away all of my hesitation and self-doubts, and started working on fixing those old, self-inflicted bad habits, poor techniques, and mistaken concepts. To put it mildly, it was great fun, amusing, and instructive; but step-by-step, a real confidence builder. I can only imagine what might have been if I’d have been lucky enough to have had a teacher like Lyle when I was a teenager. Without doubt, the positive impacts would have been far more than just improving my musical abilities.

To any parents out there who are considering music lessons for their children, I highly recommend Lyle Long as an instructor, and a role model. And if you’'re an adult, and ever wondered if you could play a guitar, all I can say is, “Stop wasting time thinking about it!” Give Lyle a call. I guarantee you’ll have a ball finding out more about guitars, music, and yourself than you ever imagined possible." - Chris C.

5 Star Review: "Lyle is an amazing teacher. He knows what he is doing, and he is easy to understand. He is respectful and a great person to be around. The best guitar instructor I have ever had, and super talented as well." Amanda B.